As a tenant you have the right to sublet your rental unit. However, there are some conditions that must be met:

  • You must be able to document that your sublet is temporary and is caused by illness, a business trip, a foreign posting, study or the like.
  • The subletting period may not be more than 2 years (for a continuous period).
  • You must prepare a written sublet contract with your tenant. Remember to send a copy of the contract to us before the subletting period begins.
  • You can also sublet your rental unit in part, that is, rent one or several rooms out while living in the rest of the rental unit. In this case, however, you may only sublet a maximum of half of the rental unit’s living space.
  • Before you sign a sublet contract, you must inform us that you wish to sublet.

It is also important that you tell your subletter that it is not possible to take over the property after the subletting period ends – even if you choose not to move back in.

The tenant shall retain responsibility

Ultimately it is still you, even if you sublet your rental unit, who is responsible for ensuring that the rent is paid, that the rules are complied with, and that the rental unit is not in a state of neglect, misuse or disrepair.

We recommend that you pay rent and let your tenant pay rent directly to you, to ensure that the rent is paid on time each month.

In other words, it is you who is responsible to us, not your subletter.


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