Leasing contract

Renting is subject to many rights and obligations for the tenant and as well as for the landlord. You can read about some of them in your leasing contract.

The leasing contract must always be written, and the standard formular B 1998, authorized by the City and Housing Ministry July 1st 1998,is typically used for non-profit housing. 

Using the formular is not required. However, one must be aware that if another contract is used, it must comply to the rules of the non-profit housing act. 

In the standard formular, page 1-4 refer to the common rules, and must be filled in with rental size, number of rooms, amount of sq.m. etc. That is fine with us. 

It is important that you, and maybe also one you know, read page 5 thouroughly.
This is paramount because paragraph 10 reads any exceptions from the regular legal demands. 

When you have read through the contract, you must sign it and send it back to DEAS within 5 weekdays from receival date. 

Then we will send you a copy of the contract, which you must keep. Along with the contract, we will also send a giro for payment of deposit / retainer and rent for the first month. 

Remember to present copy of the deposit payment to the property inspector when you collect the keys for your residence.