We are happy to help. Let us know if we can assist you in any way. Please refer to the prices below.

All prices include VAT and is stated in Danish kroner.

Service DKK
A copy of the tenancy agreement (residential) 349,00
Fee for address request in The Danish Civil Registration System
Resending of FI card 149,00
A copy of a warning letter 149,00
Voluntary settlement of arrears 235,00-3.450,00
Reordering of laundry card and P-cards (the price is in addition to the company's price) 149,00
Fee for transfers abroad 349,00
Fee for inviting tenders for modernization, if the tenant chooses to cancel the project 899,00
Fee for review of the project, and supervision regarding the tenant's own modernization 899,00
Missing electricity registration, 2. warning 349,00
Payment of rental fee by bank transfer 125,00
Fee for ordering new key (indicative price, check with your caretaker) 149,00
Resending commercial lease agreement 695,00
Resending operating/heating accounts According to time spent

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