Residents’ representation

In properties with six or more residential apartments, the residents have the right to elect residents’ representatives. This will strengthen the cooperation between the residents and the landlord and the residents will obtain knowledge about and influence on the operation of the property.

The representatives attend to the interests of the residents and they are an important cooperative partner to the landlord. The representatives are often aware of conditions that neither the landlord nor the caretaker can possibly know. Therefore, the representatives’ thoughts on, for example, maintenance and improvements of the property are important to the landlord. The representatives also know the individual residents and can take part in identifying residents in need of assistance.

Many chances to influence

The representatives and the landlord can discuss issues concerning the operation of the property as well as the maintenance plan.

The representatives will receive detailed material and information regarding rental increase. They also have the opportunity to object to rental increase and annual accounts of consumption on behalf of all residents.

Residents’ meetings 

The establishment and the dissolution of the residents’ representation must take place at a residents’ meeting. The election of the representatives takes place at an annual residents’ meeting convened by the representatives. At the meeting, the residents have the opportunity to ask questions and make proposals. They can also decide on new house rules.

If the residents wish to establish or dissolve a residents’ representation or decide on new house rules, more than 50% of all the residents of the property must vote for the individual proposal.
Other proposals than the mentioned can be decided on by a majority of the attendees at the annual residents’ meeting.

Meetings and discussions with the landlord

The landlord must be informed of the establishment of a residents’ representation as well as a contact person of the residents’ representation.

Meetings with the representatives and the landlord take place when the annual maintenance plan is to be reviewed and before significant renovation, resulting in rental increase, is initiated. 

The representatives have the opportunity to suggest a change of priorities in the maintenance plan or the renovations, for instance a different distribution of the cost among the tenants.

Meetings with the landlord can also be held regarding increase of the cost-based rent. Some of the cost of the cost-based rent are partly variable. This means that if the residents would like an annual thorough cleaning, the landlord can accept it if the cost can be included in the cost-based rent.


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