Utilities expenses

Heat and water are typically supplied to you by the cooperative housing association. Heat supply takes place either via own heating installation or via a heating company.

Each month or each quarter you receive an on-account bill for the payment of water and heat.

Calculation of consumption

The way in which the heat and water fiscal year runs differs from association to association. It is not unusual for the accounting periods for heating and water to be different to one another. You can ask in your association or contact us if you are in doubt.

At the end of the heating and/or water fiscal year, your consumption for the period will be calculated and you will receive a heating company bill and a water company bill. You will receive money in return or be charged, depending on whether you've paid too much or too little in the past fiscal year.

You can typically expect to receive heat and water accounts about four months after the end of the financial year.

In case of sale

If you are selling your cooperative housing unit in the midst of a heat and water financial year, you should be aware that we as management may withhold an amount to ensure payment for the period of time you have lived in the unit during the accounting period. The amount withheld - less any deduction for extra payment - will be released to you typically within four months from the end of the heat and water fiscal year.

If you are moving out of the cooperative housing association, it is therefore important that we have your new address.

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