As a cooperative shareholder, you are responsible for the internal maintenance of your property. The exterior maintenance is carried out by the cooperative housing association.

In the articles of association or house rules for your housing association, you can see what interior maintenance includes in your particular housing association. But in general you should continually ensure the following:

  • to vent out well
  • to clean the floor drain, water locks, ventilation valves and filters/faucet aerator on the mixer taps
  • to clean white goods
  • to decalcify your tiles, tub and faucets
  • to maintain and replace the door handles, locks and keys when necessary
  • to paint floors and door thresholds before the varnish wears away
  • to heat all rooms in the unit during cold periods.

The most important thing is that your cooperative housing unit always appears well maintained. It is beneficial for you because it ensures that the unit better maintains its value for future sale.

At the same time, it is good for the property if all tenants follow the guidelines, since it decreases the general wear on the property.

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