Assessment of apartments in housing cooperatives

Should you sell your cooperative housing unit, it is important that the value of any improvements in the accommodation are determined by an assessment. The total sum that you can sell your unit share for consists of:

  • cooperative value determined at the annual general meeting
  • the value of the improvements in your home.

Assessment of improvements
The purpose of the assessment is to ensure that the individual improvement is actually an improvement and represents a value you can accept payment for. The buyer thereby avoids paying too much, and you ensure against objections in connection with the sale.

Our construction engineering consultants can help you to make the assessment. We assess the dwelling together with representatives of the board and you.

The assessment report describes the condition of the unit and whether the improvements meet the requirements of the public authorities or the cooperative housing association, just as it will be apparent whether there are deficiencies in the dwelling – compared with an average unit in the cooperative housing association.

Deficiencies found by or pointed out to the construction engineering consultant shall also be included in the assessment report. The value of the improvements shall be calculated according to material price plus labour costs of own work according to ABF's prices – except in the case of works to be carried out by an authorised electrician (electrical, plumbing and drainage work).

If the assessment reveals deficiencies in the dwelling which need not be corrected by an authorised installer, you can choose to fix them yourself. The deduction will be deleted only after the repair is approved by the board of directors or our construction engineering consultant.

Household furniture, etc.
It may be that you have personal property that you want to sell to the buyer, such as rugs, curtains, furniture or other things.

You may not require that the buyer takes over your movable property, but if the buyer is interested, you can draw up a separate agreement. This agreement may be included in the transfer agreement, however, it must expressly state that the price of the movable property is not part of the price of the share.


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You can find relevant forms for transfer of shared ownership here.

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