Apply for permission to keep a pet (not dog/cat)

You must use another form to apply for permission to keep a dog or to keep a cat.
In some properties it is not permitted to keep any pets at all.

Your tenancy agreement or the property's house rules will show whether pets are allowed in the property in which you live.

Small pets

In other properties, you do not need permission to keep small pets in cages or aquariums. This applies to guinea pigs, hamsters, dwarf rabbits, small birds and fish. Larger birds such as parrots and large pets such as rabbits, polecats, ferrets and similar animals require permission. Permission will not normally be given for reptiles, snakes and insects.


Please note that you need permission to have an aquarium in your flat, unless it only holds a few litres of water.

Permission may be revoked

The landlord can revoke permission and require the pet to be removed from the flat if it is a nuisance to the other residents or damages the property.

If permission is granted, I declare my acceptance that:

  1. The animal may not be a nuisance to the property's other tenants
  2. The animal must be kept indoors. The animal may not be kept on any balcony or in any garden belonging to the flat.
  3. The permission solely concerns the animals described below. 


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