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It is not permitted to keep a dog in every property. In some properties, only small dogs are allowed.

Your tenancy agreement or the property's house rules will show whether dogs are permitted in the property in which you live, and also whether there are any limitations concerning e.g. size.

If permission is granted, this will usually only be for one pet per home.

No permission will be granted to keep breeds of dogs which are banned. The Danish Dog Act (in Danish) states which breeds of dog are banned in Denmark.

I accept that 

  • If permission is granted, I declare my acceptance that:
  • The dog may not be a nuisance to the property's other tenants.
  • The dog must be on a leash when it is in the property and on the property's site.
  • The dog may not be left in the care of persons who do not have full control of it, in the property's area.
  • The dog may not be walked on the property's site.
  • I must clean up after the dog if it brings soil and dirt into the property's stairways and other communal areas.
  • I am responsible for any restoration of any damage in the apartment and on the property which is a result of the dog's behavior.
  • The dog may not bark, cry or howl frequently or for prolonged periods.
  • The dog may not behave aggressively.
  • The dog must carry a name tag with the owner's name, address and telephone number.
  • The dog must be registered in the Danish Dog Register.
  • The permission solely concerns the dog described below.


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