Application for swapping apartments

You can apply for swapping apartments with another tenant. There are some conditions you must fulfil in order to swap:

  • You and your co-occupant (if any) must have lived in the apartment for at least three years.
  • You, and the person with whom you are swapping apartments, must submit the new addresses to the population register.
  • The number of people in the household must not exceed the number of habitable rooms in the apartment.
  • Swapping is not possible until both you, and the person with whom you are swapping apartments, have signed the new lease, paid the deposit for your new apartments, etc.
  • DEAS must have received the application at least 1 1⁄2 month before you wish to swap apartments.

The swap is considered as ordinary vacating. Therefore, inspections when moving in and inspections on vacation will take place, and your apartment must be vacated according to the conditions described in your lease.

The swapping parties cannot necessarily move in on the same conditions. The landlord can choose to modernize the apartments. This entails that the apartment must be left empty for approximately three months. In case of modernization, the rent is raised in correspondence with the improved state of the apartment.

If you wish to swap apartments with another tenant, simply fill in this form and return it to DEAS. On the bottom of the form you can read about how to send it to us.

Form for download