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On this page, we have gathered all the information you need to know about your rent, rent ceiling, and the net price index. We are here to help you navigate through these topics, and we are always ready to assist if you have any questions.

How do we adjust your rent?

We have created a brochure where you can find all the information about your rent. Here, you can learn how we adjust your rent, how it can increase, and when we can give notice of changes to your rent.

Rent ceiling and net price index

In this section, you will find the latest information about the rent ceiling and rent adjustments based on the net price index. We find that these topics are typically of interest to tenants, and below we have listed the common questions regarding the rent ceiling and net price index. We hope this information is helpful. However, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

The rent ceiling and the net price index

In your contract, you can see if and when the rent will be adjusted based on the net price index (NPI).

We are aware of the new "law on the ceiling of rent increases due to the development of the net price index," which was adopted in the Danish Parliament on September 22, 2022, regarding how rents should be NPI-adjusted in the next 2 years.

Rent is adjusted in all rental properties. In some properties, it is adjusted based on the net price index.

There has been a significant focus on the index in the fall of 2022 because it has been higher than it has been in many years, and because a new law was passed on September 22, 2022, concerning this area.

In your lease agreement's §11, you can see whether your rent is adjusted based on the net price index. If that is the case, your rent will be subject to the "Act on Limitation of Rent Increases Due to the Development in the Net Price Index."

We are always in dialogue with the property owners regarding this. When there is a regulation, it will naturally be done in accordance with the tenancy law, your lease agreement, and the dialogue we have with the property owners.

Please note that at DEAS, we manage properties, which means we handle the rent regulation process to ensure it complies with your lease agreement and the tenancy law, in close collaboration with the property owner. We would also like to emphasize that it is very important for us and the property owner to have satisfied tenants and long-term, stable tenancies in the property.

Brief overview of the net price index

The Net Price Index (NPI) is an economic indicator used to assess changes in the cost of living and consumer prices in society. It takes into account price increases of various goods and services and factors such as inflation. The NPI is important because it forms the basis for rent regulation. It is used to calculate how much rent can increase annually in accordance with the legislation.

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