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The legal aspects concerning ownership, cooperative, and rental properties, as well as related areas, are extensive and complex, and many individual circumstances apply. Therefore, it is not possible to fully and comprehensively describe these matters on this website. Information on the website, as well as associated subpages on deas.dk and sent newsletters, is not and should not be considered an offer. The information and articles on the website and in newsletters are solely of a general nature and can never replace personal and individual advice. Assessments and interpretations of market developments and similar matters are based on estimates and cannot replace professional advice. Historical information cannot be regarded as a guarantee for future developments. DEAS A/S disclaims any responsibility for direct or indirect consequences, damages, disappointments, inconveniences, and any potential losses resulting from the use or misuse of the website, regardless of whether this is due to errors, inaccuracies, omissions, or lack of updates of the website content. Furthermore, DEAS A/S disclaims any responsibility for the content of websites to which there are references or links. The use of deas.dk is subject to Danish law, and disputes arising from the use of the website content shall be resolved according to Danish law by Danish courts.

Data Disclaimer and Processing of Personal Information:

DEAS A/S does not collect personally identifiable information about visitors to our website, deas.dk unless the visitor provides the information voluntarily. Therefore, all usage of deas.dk occurs anonymously

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