Electronic ID

Verification of your identity with electronic ID.

DEAS and DEAS Asset Management (part of DEAS Group) uses electronic ID for digital signatures on a number of documents as well as to digitally verify your identity.

These electronic IDs are valid:

  • Sweden: BankID
  • Norway: BankID
  • Finland: FTN
  • Denmark: NemID

It is all done online so you can both sign the documents and confirm your identity using electronic ID, which is easy, quick and secure. You can provide your signature via PC, tablet or smartphone – all you need is internet access. You can also do this from abroad.

We use Penneo™ to handle signatures and verify identities. Penneo™ will therefore appear in certain places in our communications.

Using the digital signature

You will receive an email from DEAS or DEAS Asset Management containing a link to a secure website where you can view, download and read through the documents and sign them with your electronic ID.

Once all parties have signed, you will receive an email with the signed documents in PDF format.

Acceptance of stored information

By digitally signing documents with your electronic ID, you also accept that we store the following information, which will also appear on the signed documents.

  • Your full name as it is registered in the applied ID.
  • A PID, which is a code that makes it possible to match the applied electronic ID with a personal identification number if the need arises to validate the signer.
  • Time zone and the IP number of the PC / device you are using.

This information will be visible to those who receive the document.

If you have used your electronic ID to digitally confirm your identity, the information will only be available to a few select employees at DEAS or DEAS Asset Management.

Verifying your identity

You will receive an email from DEAS or DEAS Asset Management containing a link to a secure website where you will need to provide your full name and personal identification number. You must identify yourself by logging in using your electronic ID. Your entered information will be compared with your information in the personal identification registry and the population register to confirm your identity.

This saves you from having to submit a copy of your passport, driving licence and health card as well as filling in a form signed by several witnesses.

If your name and address are protected in the personal information registry, we cannot perform digital verification of your identity. In this case, you must instead fill out a paper form which you send to DEAS or DEAS Asset Management with a copy of passport or driving licence.

Important things you should know about digital signature

  • Do I need to do something different with my electronic ID in order to sign?
    No, you sign or identify yourself in the same way as when you log in with your electronic ID for online banking, for example.
  • Do I have to print and sign documents with ballpoint pen?
    No, the digital signature with electronic ID replaces your signatures done in pen.
    If you print a document that has been digitally signed, the paper version is not legally valid because a special hidden code in the document cannot be confirmed.
  • How can I see that I have signed?
    When your digital signature is properly implemented, Penneo™ will notify you instantly via email. 
  • How do I get the documents when they are signed?
    You will receive all documents and attachments in an email when all parties have signed. 
  • How can I see who has signed digitally?
    You can see who has signed digitally on the last page of the signed documents.
    The signed documents also have a hidden code that is used to confirm that the document is genuine and signed by the persons stated in the document.
  • What happens if I lose my signed documents?
    If, for example, you have accidentally deleted the email that you received with the signed documents, you can find the documents again at any time by logging in with electronic ID on Penneo.com, where you have access to your personal archive.

You can read more about Penneo™ at penneo.com.