Shopping center association

In larger centres there are often set up a center association, which is responsible for the centre's joint marketing.

The tenants are usually required to be a member of the center association and pay a quota as well as an amount for the joint marketing. The size of this amount depends typically on the store's size and is determined at the annual general meeting.

Quotas as well as marketing contributions are often paid together with the rent and interim operations and service.

The board of directors

The Center Association has a board of directors consisting of representatives from each of the stores. The management board shall be elected by the members at the annual general meeting – typically for two years at a time.

The board manages the center association and take decisions on, among other things, activities and events, the centre's common opening hours as well as various joint actions, e.g. use of centre square and common areas.

The Center Association shall draw up its own annual accounts that are approved at the annual general meeting where the budget for the coming year is approved.