At DEAS we experience on an ongoing basis that tenants in shopping centres want alterations in stores.

The majority of alterations occur because stores want to present themselves in the best possible way, and often stores must follow a chain concept, e.g. in terms of interior design. We are happy for these alterations, as they help make the centres more inviting.


Prior to beginning an alteration, DEAS in the vast majority of centres and shopping-leaseholds needs to approve the redevelopment. This is to ensure that the lease, also after the alteration, is presented optimally and that installations are not affected inappropriately.

We must approve modifications on the exterior facades – whether facing the road or onto a center street.

If you have remodeling ideas, then contact us with a drawing of your plans, so we can help you with the necessary permits and approvals.

Technical advice

We offer technical advice and building management from idea to delivery.

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