Moving in

Prior to moving into your lease, the centre's caretaker, manager or project manager, has reviewed the lease for errors and omissions. It has also been verified that any refurbishment and interior design work is completed and performed in the condition and quality that is agreed in your lease.

When moving in, you will meet with the property caretaker of the lease and typically the following occurs:

  • You receive keys/cards to the lease and possibly also ramps or other public areas that you need to access
  • You agree on the wording and the design of nameplate or other signs to the mailbox, information stands, etc.
  • The electricity meter is read and it is agreed who will notify the utility company
  • You check that all consumption meters (heat, water, and other) are read (the janitor has the task of registering new tenants). In some centers this is run – partially or completely – through the joint trading account, and have therefore no separate gauges
  • You check that the installations work (taps in the toilet and kitchenette, lock, scroll bars, windows and doors)
  • You review practical conditions in the centre
  • You will receive an occupancy report.

Errors or omissions

You can use the occupancy report as a checklist to ensure that the lease is in order. On the occupancy report you can take note of any errors and defects.

A good advice is to thoroughly photograph the entire lease before taking it into use. Then it is easier to remember how the lease looked when it is time to move out.

If you notice any errors or defects in the lease during and just after moving into the occupancy, they will typically be rectified, and thus you will receive a lease without flaws. Otherwise, they will be registered in order to take account of them when moving out the property.

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