A number of rent contracts in our centre allows for assignment. This means, that you can transfer your lease to a new tenant, who takes over the lease and the rights and obligations that follow with it.

If you are allowed to assign, then it is described in the application clause which store type may assign. In special cases, a lease may be assigned a new usage, if it benefits the centre as a whole. Such usage shifts are negotiated individually with DEAS before the transfer is carried out.

New contract or addendum

In practice, this means that we draw up a new lease or in some cases an addendum to the existing lease, where the new tenant and the former tenant both sign the agreement on conditions for the transfer. Before then, DEAS must have a copy of the purchase between the new and the former tenant and decide whether we can accept the incoming tenant.

As the new/incoming tenant you must pay attention to the rights and obligations inherent in the contract, as these continue unchanged.

Read the business lease act

You can find the business lease act on retsinformation.dk

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