During the rental period, a need may arise to make changes in the lease, in the lease's installations, or perhaps a need arise to perform a complete remodeling to make the lease more modern. Also the law can suddenly require a remodeling of your lease.

It is important that you are aware of the fact that changes to the rented property may only be carried out with the landlord's written consent.

A change may be the dismantling of a wall between two rooms, changing a window section in a shop, or the installation of air conditioning in an office lease. Sometimes it is minor, simple changes, but still it must always be approved by the landlord before you as a tenant begin to rebuild.


We recommend that you initially address yourselves to the property caretaker and submit your wishes and plans. Then he or she can usually assist with clarifying questions. When you are ready to apply for permission to make changes to the lease, please contact the project manager of the property who must approve of the remodeling.

In the case of a large and complex remodeling, it is often necessary to let professionals manage the conversion process in relation to time, economy and quality, which DEAS can assist with. We have extensive experience with building projects, while there are users in the lease, and we're used to take account of other tenants in the building.

Payment for the remodeling

Before remodeling begins, it must be clarified whether the remodeling must be paid by the tenant or if it will be funded by improvements to the lease. If we are talking about a very large conversion, it may be that the landlord considers that the tenant shall pay a deposit as security for restoration in connection with moving out.

Needs and wishes are changing all the time, but the most important thing is to bear in mind that changes to the lease may only be carried out after receiving the landlord's written consent.

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