Invoice payment terms

Invoice Payment Terms

The starting point for all our purchases, regardless of size and type, is that the invoice must adhere to our terms of payment:

Current month + 45 days.

Invoice terms

We have gathered all information about terms and requirements for invoicing under "how to invoice DEAS". Here, you will also find a detailed guide on order numbers, and ensuring that the invoice has the correct format.

Other Terms

Legislation must be followed

The invoice must be issued in accordance with the minimum conditions stipulated by the law. This means, among other things, that it must include the supplier's VAT number, the invoice date and the date of execution of the work.

Additionally, the invoice must include a clear description of the performance of the work or of the type and kind of the good.

Ordering on behalf of owners

Goods/services are commissioned on behalf of the property’s owner and at their expense. The owner may be an investor, a homeowners’ association, a housing cooperative, a property owners’ association, or a social housing organisation.

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