Tenants: Opportunity to appeal

Are you dissatisfied with a decision or handling of a specific case regarding your tenancy managed by DEAS? We offer you the opportunity to renew the dialogue about the specific case, if it has already been concluded in one or more of our departments, among these your daily DEAS contacts.

Please send an email to lejerklage@deas.dk.

Required information

In order to process your case properly and efficiently, we need specific information about your case, including in particular:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Your resident / customer number
  • Lease number
  • A brief description of the circumstances of the case as well as the background of your inquiry, including if possible, who you have been in contact with, and relevant dates in the case.

Who can make use of this opportunity to appeal

All tenants living in a DEAS managed property can use this appeal option to get a reassessment.

However, this does not apply to tenants who have sublet an apartment from, for example, a tenant, co-operative owner in a property managed by DEAS.

Vacated tenants can use the appeal option for up to 12 months after moving out.

The right to appeal does not include appeals for cases that are already being processed by the Rent Control Board or in the Rent Tribunal. In these cases, the tenant must utilise of the options that apply there.

Processing personal data

If you contact us, we will use and register your information in order to process the case correctly. This means, that you have some rights regarding our processing of your information, which you can read more about in our Privacy Policy for DEAS A / S.