Sign up for mail from DEAS in your e-Boks

You can receive letters from DEAS electronically at e-Boks.

If you already have an e-Boks, you just need to sign up to receive letters from DEAS. Log into e-Boks and find us under "Bolig og Ejendom" section "D".

If you do not have an e-Boks, you can register on e-Boks' website. Registration and use of e-Boks is free of charge, and once you are registered, you will have a personal electronic archive that you can use, even if you move or change e-mail address.
Once you have registered in e-Boks, you must remember to choose to receive mail from DEAS - you can find us under "Bolig og Ejendom" section "D".

Which letters from DEAS come to e-Boks

We are working continuously to be able to send all of our letters to you via e-Boks. This is a time-consuming process, so you will find that you may still receive letters by ordinary post. 

There are some letters that we cannot send to you digitally for legal reasons, so you will naturally still receive these as printed versions.

Problems with e-Boks

If you have problems with e-Boks, you can find answers to frequently asked questions, contact details for e-Boks'user support, and help on e-Boks' website.