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More and more people are driving electric cars, but it can be a challenge to get easy access to charging stations when you live in an apartment building or association where you don't have your own driveway.

At the same time, there are many interests to look after in a housing association, and it can be a jungle to find the right charging solution.

That is why we have researched the market and entered into a partnership with Clever. This means that your housing association gets help to tailor a solution that takes the neighborhood into account and makes sense for everyone – including those who don't already own an electric car.

Clever has tailored a product for housing associations, making it easy for you to meet the need for charging electric vehicles in your shared parking area. You pay a fixed one-time fee for the installation of the chargers, eliminating ongoing expenses and administration. Once the chargers are ready, residents can choose to pay for the kWh they use or opt for a subscription. Regardless of the choice, it provides access to Denmark's largest charging network.

We are with you all the way
Fill out the contact form on this page and get in touch with DEAS for advice on establishing charging solutions in your association.
Your administrator at DEAS is ready to assist you throughout the entire process.
As part of our partnership with Clever, you can receive a tailor-made offer for your association with a range of benefits.
We prepare you thoroughly to process the proposal for the installation of a charging solution at your general meeting.
We'll assist you in getting the right permits for your construction project
The charging solution is established in your association
The residents in the association start using the charging solution and individually order the product that suits their needs. With Clever, they can, for example, pay based on consumption or through a subscription, and they always have access to both charging at the association's chargers and Clever's entire charging network.
With Clever you get:
  • A favorable price per kWh for charging on Clever's charging network and on the association's chargers.

  • Access to Clever's charging network, which boasts over 27,000 charging points and is the largest in the country.

  • Expert advice from specialists in charging solutions for housing associations.

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Frequently asked questions

That's a good question. There are several factors that come into play when determining how many chargers you should set up. Clever's advisors will assess your needs with you, taking into account factors such as the number of households in the association and the size of your parking area.

The community's charging stations are your own, and you can determine, for example, through signage, who should have access to the chargers. Anyone with a Clever subscription, a charging card, or Clever's app can use the charging stations, but they are not visible on Clever's public charging card.

As a community, you will only need to consider a one-time cost for the establishment. Clever just needs to know two things: How many charging points do you want? And how long should the agreement be? They will then tailor a solution for you, without you having to worry about paperwork, administration, or technical installations. The charging solution includes the operation and maintenance of the charging stations, and as a community, you have no ongoing expenses. You can see price examples at www.clever.dk/boligforening.

Clever is Denmark's leading charging operator, who has been working to establish charging infrastructure since 2009 and today offers charging solutions for homes, workplaces, and on the go.

There are several charging operators that offer charging solutions. The partnership with Clever offers many advantages that can make it easier for your association to start installing charging stations. If you are interested in learning more about the differences and advantages between Clever and other charging operators, please contact your administrator.


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