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PO number

Electronic invoices and credit notes sent to DEAS must include a PO number. The number will guide your invoice to the right person at DEAS, who must confirm that the service was received.

If you enter the wrong number, your invoice may be rejected by our invoice system. For this reason, it is important that you, the supplier, ensure that you have the right PO number.

PO numbers for the claimants

The claimant, i.e. the person who commissioned the good/service, should give you the correct PO number.

If you are in doubt about the number, you should contact the claimant.

Three types of 'PO numbers'

The PO number always starts with 'W' (workflow number) as well as a number indicating the type of service provided.

Then either F, L or S follows as well as a number:

  • WxxFxx-xx (property number)
  • WxxLxx-xx-xx (property number and lease number)
  • WxxSxxxxxxxx (case number e.g. construction og insurance case)

The typical PO number is used in the following compositions:

Delivery area Structure of the PO number Examples *
W1 - Operation & Maintenance W1Fxx-xx W1F11-111
W2 – Building cases W2Sxxxxxxx W2S10310115001
W3 – Associations W3Fxx-xx W3F11-111
W4 – Moving W4Lxx-xx-xx W4L11-111-11
W5 – Internal maintenance Not e-invoice Not e-invoice
W6 – Insurance W6Sxxxxxx W6S11195015005
W7 – DEAS W7F2-10 W7F2-10
W8 – FS-customer service W8Fxx-xx W8F2-10
W14 – General moving case W14Lxx-xx-xx W14L11-11-11
W16 – Lawyer & agent W16Fxx-xx W16F11-111
W17 – Supply and loans W17Fxx-xx W17F11-111
W18 – Centres W18Fxx-xx W18F11-111
W19 – canteen W19F2-80, 81, 82 W19F2-80


*) PO number must be typed with hyphens (-) and no spaces.


Invoice conditions

For deliveries to the properties we manage, you must adhere to a number of conditions.

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If you are a supplier, remember to send your invoice electronically.

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Contact our procurement department by e-mail or phone +45 70 30 20 20.

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