How to send us an e-invoice

There are several ways to send DEAS an e-invoice. The easiest is to send the invoice via your own accounting system, which the vast majority of systems can do.

If you do not have an accounting system
If you do not have an accounting system that can send e-invoices, there are other options such as:

DEAS' invoice portal
DEAS' invoice portal The portal is free to use and is only for DEAS' suppliers.

  • Register yourself as a supplier the first time you use the portal.
  • Log into the portal and enter your invoice in the form.
  • Save and send the invoice - the portal makes sure the format is correct.

Other options

There are websites where you can pay to create electronic invoices which are sent in the right format for DEAS.

You can also pay agencies for the service who will scan your paper invoice or pdf file and send it to us in the correct electronic form.

Remember to check the prices before using these options. The use of these invoicing solutions is at your own risk.


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