External property service or janitor

At DEAS we receive electronic invoices. This means that there is specific information that the supplier of a good or service must include on their invoice, and that invoices must be approved electronically.

If you work as a janitor or in a property services company on a property managed by DEAS, but you are not employed by DEAS, read what to do here.

Ordering of goods and services
When you place an order, you must notify the supplier that invoices should be sent electronically and provide a PO number.

Instructions for external property service companies/janitors.

Instructions for janitors in homeowners’ associations or housing cooperatives.

*) If you have not been contacted, you should send invoices as you normally would and not electronically.

Email template for suppliers
You can use this template for suppliers, so that they can include the correct information on their invoices.

Approval of invoices
When the delivery of goods and services has to be approved, you must approve the invoice via our extranet Driftsweb.

Guide to Driftsweb.

You must be a registered user of Driftsweb.

Get access to Driftsweb
To become a registered user of Driftsweb, send an email to 112@deas.dk.

Please include the following in your email:

  • The company's name

  • The company’s registration number

  • The user's full name

  • The user's own email address

  • The name and address of the DEAS properties where your company works as janitor.

Multiple profiles
If your company requires multiple user profiles, you must provide the following information for all users:

  • The user's full name

  • The user's own email address

  • Name and address of the DEAS properties, where the user works as janitor

Ethical standards

Cooperation with DEAS equals an ethically justifiable solution, proper business manners, and respect for environment and other societal matters.

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