How to invoice

DEAS has transitioned to electronic invoicing. This means that you as a supplier can submit invoices and credit notes to our EAN/GLN-number in invoice format OIOUBL.

DEAS' EAN/GLN-number is 5790002305504
Download the information required on an e-invoice to DEAS.

It is especially important to include a PO number on the invoice.

Payment service BS, PBS and BS +
Invoices that have already been registered in payment service, PBS or BS + should not be changed to e-invoicing.

How to do it
Read about how to send us electronic invoices and credit notes.

Do you have any questions?
You are always welcome to contact us at

The benefits of e-invoicing
DEAS has transitioned to electronic invoice handling because it saves time and money for DEAS and DEAS’ suppliers, and because the reduced paper usage is better for the environment. 

With e-invoicing, the manual processes disappear, thus reducing the chances of making a mistake. It has the advantage for you, the sender, of ensuring that the invoice arrives fast and safely and that it will be paid on time without unnecessary delay.

E-invoicing is thus an advantage for you and for DEAS.


If you are a supplier, remember to send your invoice electronically.

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Invoice conditions

For deliveries to the properties we manage, you must adhere to a number of conditions.

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