Ethical standards for suppliers

The success of DEAS rests on the idea that "People want to live, shop or work in properties that we are responsible for". Our success is based on good business habits and our core values.

In other words, we must be thorough and proper in everything we do. This also applies to our selection of and collaboration with suppliers.

Ethical standards
That is why we have created our 'Ethical standards for suppliers', a natural extension of our membership of the Danish Property Union, where we are obliged to comply with the industry's adopted ethical standards for property management.

The standards describe the general guidelines of our relations with suppliers and contain a number of ethical, social and environmental requirements that we expect all our suppliers to comply with.

We see this set of standards as an integral part of the collaboration with individual suppliers, and we believe that respecting them will entail competitive advantages for us and our suppliers.

We believe that people and the environment should be treated properly. And we require that the suppliers we collaborate with treat their employees and the environment properly too, and comply with any applicable legislation at the minimum.

In the event of serious or repeated neglect, we reserve the right to terminate collaboration.

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