Become a supplier

By entering into a collaboration with DEAS, you, the supplier, get quick and easy access to the 2,400 properties we manage all over the country.

We purchase goods and services of the overall best value from suppliers on the basis of our clients’ needs and on their behalf. This happens in close collaboration with the suppliers, according to the principle "The right good, of the right quality, at the right time and price", in which properness, quality and service are measures of success.

We set standards
DEAS has compiled a set of rules that contain a number of requirements. As suppliers, you will be thoroughly informed on the implications of these requirements before we enter into agreement.

If you want to collaborate with DEAS and have questions about how to become a supplier, we would like to hear from you.

Ethical standards

Cooperation with DEAS equals an ethically justifiable solution, proper business manners, and respect for environment and other societal matters.

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Purchasing policy

We are very conscious about price, quality and sustainability.

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