DEAS manages properties on behalf of investors, homeowners’ associations, housing cooperatives and social housing organisations. One of the tasks we carry out is buying goods and services for the properties on behalf of our clients. It is therefore important to us that suppliers and collaborators understand our role, policies and the foundation of our business.

Ethics and thoroughness are particularly important concepts when choosing and collaborating with suppliers, which is why we have formulated a purchasing policy and a corresponding set of ethical standards for our suppliers.

We expect all our suppliers to meet our purchasing policy, ethical standards and other requirements. We also expect our suppliers make themselves familiar with our role as buyer and their role as supplier before they seek to collaborate with us.

On the following pages you can read about our policies, principles and conditions concerning collaboration with suppliers.


Contact our procurement department by e-mail or phone +45 70 30 20 20.

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If you are a supplier, remember to send your invoice electronically.

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