Quality Policy

DEAS is a client-oriented service company proactively creating value and positive experiences for our clients and our clients' clients, thus bringing properties alive so that people want to live, shop and work in the properties we are responsible for.

For us, quality is to deliver what we promised to customers, or what customers are entitled to expect, and that we carry out our tasks responsibly and in compliance with applicable law and regulatory requirements.

We ensure high quality through dialogue and close collaboration with clients, clients' clients, suppliers, managers and employees.

We aim to ensure value creation through collaboration by having managers and employees take responsibility, help to continuously improve internal and external cooperation, and develop the quality of our services and quality management system in general.

Ethical standards

Ethical standards for property management, enacted by EjendomDanmark.

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DEAS is ISO certified

This ensures our customers a high quality and consistent service delivery. 

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