DEAS is Denmark's leading property management company, with activities all over the country. DEAS manages a property portfolio of more than 2,400 commercial and residential properties, mainly owned by institutional investors, private investors, housing cooperatives and homeowners’ associations. 

Property management is the core of DEAS’ business. It’s where we started, and it’s usually the starting point for most of our collaborations with clients. We have more than 30 years of experience in managing and operating properties on our clients’ behalf.

  • Property management

    DEAS' business is based on property management and operation as well as related services. We always think in terms of innovative, holistic solutions. This way, our clients receive the ideal solutions.
  • Facility Services

    We keep a close eye on all the practical tasks that make the property function and the building and its surroundings a pleasant place to work and live.
  • Commercial letting

    DEAS specialises in commercial letting, evaluation and the purchase and sale of commercial and investment properties.
  • Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

    PPP is an innovative way to establish and run public facilities and buildings, and DEAS leads the market in this area. This form of cooperation ensures long-term, life-cycle cost effective solutions.

DEAS A/S (CVR 20 28 34 16) owns among others 100 % of DEAS Ejendomsudvikling A/S (CVR 31 16 34 71), DEAS Asset Management A/S (CVR 35 48 57 75) and DEAS Asset Management II A/S (CVR 26 64 01 72).

DEAS is a member of the Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Property Federation, and all client relationships are conducted according to the framework specified by the ‘Ethical Standards for Property Management’ at a minimum.

DEAS er founding member af PropTech Denmark

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DEAS is ISO certified

This ensures our customers a high quality and consistent service delivery. 

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DEAS is a member of the business organisation EjendomDanmark.

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