DEAS' management consists of the company's executive board as well as executives in the following business areas.

Rikke Lykke

Group CEO

Employed: August 1, 2021

Group CEO Rikke Lykke joined the company's Executive Board in August 2021 and she has previously held senior positions in PATRIZIA AG, PATRIZIA Denmark A/S, Atlas Management and Landic Property, among others. Rikke Lykke also holds board positions in EjendomDanmark, PropTech Denmark and Ikano Bostad.

Mette Seifert CIO DEAS Group

Mette Seifert

CIO, DEAS Group /
MD, DEAS Asset Management

Employed: August 30, 2021

Michael Schrøder


Employed: august 15, 2022

Thomas Fog


Employed: april 1, 2022

Centres of Excellence

Institutional & international investors

Anette Grotum - DEAS Asset Management

Anette Grotum

Head of Asset Management
Kim Beck DEAS Asset Management

Kim Niklas Beck

Head of Transactions & Advisory Services

Thomas Wolff

Head of Fund Management
(Co-CEO DEAS Asset Management)

Jesper Stolbjerg

Senior Director, Portfolio & Property Management - Institutional & International Investors
Kim Krabbe | DEAS

Kim Krabbe

Senior Director, Residential Letting

Hanne Poulsen

Senior Director, Commercial Letting

Private investors & Associations

Hans Peter Hansen

Senior Director, Private Investors
DEAS - Foreninger - Lars Carl Gruby

Lars Carl Gruby

Senior Director, shared & owners associations

Development & Buildings

Per Thomassen

Senior Director, Technical Building Consultancy

Hans Andersen

Senior Director, Sustainability



Morten Christiansen

Senior Director, Facility Management & Kundecenter



René Steffensen

Director, Facility Services

Finance & Analysis

Mette Harboe Ingvardtsen

Senior Director, Client Reporting


Nadim Stub - DEAS Group

Nadim Stub

Group VP, Digital Ventures & Partnerships

Allan Andersen Christensen

Group VP, Technology

Lars Olaf Larsen

Senior Director, Public Private Partnership

Bjørn Allentoft

Group VP, Legal


Camille Berner

Group VP, Marketing & Communication

Iben Rindom

Group VP, People & Culture

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