Rent composition

In the act called 'Almenlejeloven' (the Non-Profit Housing Act) there is a prescription called 'the balanced rent principle'. It reads that the total rent from the residences in a department must correspond to the department's operating experiences. Budgeting with surplus is therefore not allowed in a non-profit housing department. 

Apart from this, an amount is typically paid for heating, water and electricity, and also for antenna fees, internet etc. 

The rent for the individual residence is determined based on an assessment of the residences mutual user value. Popularly speaking, a distribution key is determined. If the mutual value is considered to be approximately equal, the distribution can take place in relation to residence area.

Regulation of rent
According to the Non-Profit Housing Act, there must be held an annual deparment meeting where the operating budget for the following year is approved. 

If the operating budget results in a raise of the rent, the tenants must be notified of the rent increase by a three months notice.