Shared ownership loan


If you pay into a shared ownership loan in your homeowner association and would like to redeem your share of the loan, you must inform us in writing, where you also inform us about the desired time of redemption. We will then send you a redemption offer, with an indication of the residual debt, interest and account for which redemption amount shall be paid. You should be aware that there are fees payable to us and the bank in connection with the loan redemption.

If the loan is fixed-rate, please note that you also must count on paying the difference in interest or a premium.

You can send the instruction to us as the association's manager. Please be aware that our anticipated turnaround time is up to 14 days.

Interest deduction

If you pay for a shared ownership loan, you will receive an interest statement every year in January/February. The interest statement contains information about your share of the interest expenses for the past fiscal year as well as the remaining debt at year-end.

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