General assembly

The homeowner association’s highest authority is the general assembly. This is where decisions are made on all matters relating to the homeowner association, for example:

  • Operational budget

  • The annual accounts, including the payment of ordinary and extraordinary expenses

  • Common expenditure size

  • The implementation of any maintenance and improvement projects

  • Election of board members

  • Appointment of the administrator and auditor

Ordinary general meetings

The annual general meeting is held each year, typically 3-5 months after the end of the fiscal year. The fiscal year is indicated in the association's articles of association.

Extraordinary general meetings

In addition, you can hold extraordinary general meetings as needed. This typically occurs when deciding on the implementation of maintenance and improvement projects as well as through amendments to the articles. In addition, you may hold extraordinary general meetings if at a previous general assembly there were not enough attendees to make a binding decision.

We recommend that, as board members, you familiarise yourselves with the articles of association and rules of the general assembly and we recommend that new board members take part in a course on the subject. We offer ongoing internal training courses for boards. 

Use our templates and guides

You can freely download our templates and guides for general meetings.

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The annual cycle of the management board

We have composed an overview of the yearly activities of the management board.

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