Debt collection and forced sale

As a condominium owner, you are required to pay common expenses, the on-account heating, etc. If you do not pay within the period for payment, you will receive a reminder from us.

If you do not pay the amount, even after you have received a reminder, we will, upon agreement with the board of directors, entrust the matter to a collection agency in order to recover the association's accounts receivable.

If you still do not pay the association's accounts receivable, the board of directors may initiate a forced sale of the unit in order to ensure payment. An implementation of a forced sale means that you will have to vacate the unit.

We therefore recommend that you deposit your payments to the homeowner association in a timely manner, just as we also recommend that you make your payment via PBS.

Installment scheme

If you are in an isolated situation in which you have trouble making your payments in a timely manner, we suggest that you contact us or the board to establish an installment scheme. It must be made clear that this only occurs in isolated cases – and for a short period of time.

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