Articles of association and house rules

The articles of association are the homeowner association's 'constitution' with the rules on owner responsibilities – from moving in until leaving the homeowner association.

They also contain rules on the conclusion of agreements with creditors such as craftspeople, as well as rules governing these rights of creditors in relation to the homeowners.

Use DEAS' standard articles of association for the homeowner associations (in Danish), ensuring the association receives a current set of articles of association.

House rules

Many homeowner associations have also formulated house rules in addition to the articles of association, laying out the general precepts for the homeowner association members and for any tenants. In most cases, house rules are adopted by a simple majority and can therefore be continuously adjusted.

Click to read DEAS' standard house rules (in Danish).

If you have any questions regarding the articles of association or house rules, you can always get in touch with your contact person at DEAS. You can also contact our legal department, which can help with wording or interpretation of the provisions of the articles of association.

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