Achieve added value with professional property management

We take care of your properties

We take care of your properties

Copenhagen based DEAS supports your investment strategy, and we create value through effective collaboration.
With end to end property management and real estate asset management, we meet your demand for professional management, operation, and development of your portfolio, and you are guaranteed a complete delivery - throughout Denmark.

We are compliant with all industry standards and are certified in a number of core areas. All to ensure you a highly qualified service, whether for office, retail or residential, warehouse or logistics.

Your partner as a full-service property manager

If you have a strategic focus on development, we will increase the value through redevelopment, modernisation and energy optimisation of your properties.

We also specialise in letting of both residential and commercial properties, completing more than 3,500 cases annually. This ensures you a high rental rate.

Attention to tenant satisfaction

Attention to tenant satisfaction

Through ongoing surveys and measurements, we ask for the satisfaction of housing and commercial tenants. It gives you a unique insight into your tenants' satisfaction with both the property and DEAS' services.

Knowledge of the tenants improves service

We use the insights of the surveys to continuously strengthen our service and dialogue with both customers and tenants.

In addition, we gain important knowledge about the tenants' wishes and demands and how to meet them. For example, by developing digital services, self-service options and increasing availability.

Digital reporting and insight

Digital reporting and insight

When making important decisions and priorities about your property portfolio, we make sure to provide the right data and facts. Overview, precision and insight are key words in the ongoing reporting you will receive.

Adapted to your needs

Reporting is tailored to your unique demands and is rooted in dedicated employees who deliver digitally, accurately and in detail.


Our ISAE 3402 Type 1 statement can be presented to your auditor as a guarantee that DEAS has verifiable methodology and high quality in key financial processes. At the same time, you can reduce the number of audit hours allocated for control.

Efficient operation and facility management

Efficient operation and facility management

While some customers demand moving-in and moving-out inspections, others are demanding a tidy property and tenant services - while still others are focusing on long-term operation and maintenance.

We take care of the property around the clock, and our uniformed staff provide professional and visible facility management and service – creating a safe environment for the tenants.

Our service concept ensures high quality and insight

We ensure the quality of the services we provide by following a service concept. It accurately describes the scope of work and the desired quality, and we deliver exactly what you demand.

At the same time, as a member of the Service Industry's Employers' Association, we live up to the Service Standard's requirements for, among other things, staff training, environmental concerns and updated service certificates.

Flexible and quality-assured cooperation

Flexible and quality-assured cooperation

When you buy and sell properties in the portfolio, we have the capacity and set-up to accommodate the changes.

We work in dedicated teams and focus on delivering a committed customer service, short response times and high quality.


We are certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, and we provide a number of audit statements that support your compliance requirements.

Our certified standards and processes also ensure you high quality and uniform service deliveries.

In other words, it gives you the assurance that the property portfolio is managed effectively and that your tenants are serviced at the agreed service level.

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