Nordic Swan Ecolabelled construction

Let DEAS handle the certification to prove that you are at the forefront of sustainable development.

According to Ecolabelling Denmark, the number of Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings more than doubled from January 2018 to January 2020.

At DEAS, we can also note this growing interest in ecolabelling, and we are happy to help our customers achieve this certification. We can, for example, screen whether a construction project could fulfil the Nordic Swan Ecolabelling requirements, and then undertake all documentation throughout the process.

The value of Nordic Swan Ecolabelled construction for owner and tenant

Certification under the Nordic Swan Ecolabel gives the property investor an effective tool to demonstrate how you are at the forefront – and visible proof that you fulfil strict environmental and chemical requirements and take responsibility for sustainable development. This also assures the tenant that they live or work in a setting in which close attention is paid to the indoor climate and the environment.

Stringent requirements for Nordic Swan Ecolabelled properties

Specific requirements are made of the property’s entire life cycle, from construction to operation and any future demolition. The Nordic Swan Ecolabelling requirements include low energy consumption, ventilation, moisture protection and a good indoor climate. High requirements are set for building materials and chemical products, and wood must be certified as sustainable.

A Nordic Swan Ecolabelled building is approved by an independent third party, and at DEAS we can ensure the right building process and a sustainable result. 


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