Construction projects

To give DEAS mandate to carry out construction projects with the purpose of optimising the value of the property is a matter of trust.

So we must make ourselves worthy of your trust and peace of mind. Our experience and tried and tested processes ensure that you reach your goals.

View our case library or ask for references in order to attain certainty and provide you with an short overview of our experience. 

  • Maintenance projects – e.g. façade repair, window replacement and roof renovation as well as renovation of the property's technical installations.
  • Rebuilding and development projects – e.g. development of attic dwellings on existing dry ceilings, establishment of balconies and development of parking lots in existing courtyard environments.
  • Decontamination projects – e.g. fire, mold or PCBS. DEAS has a close cooperation with other specialists for mapping the scope and health risks, etc.

All projects are carried out in close collaboration between you as a customer and any residents/users, including budget planning.

Quality throughout

DEAS ensures qualified and professional planning and obtains the necessary approvals and permissions from the respective authorities. The design process typically ends with contract conclusion on the basis of a competitive tendering round.

DEAS manages the construction process with regard to quality, timing plan and budget and will ensure that any resettlement of residents happens to everyone's satisfaction.

DEAS carries out regular supervisions of the construction up until project hand-in takes place with the reporting of accounts.

  • Modernisation of flats

    DEAS has in-depth experience with modernizing leased properties in residential housing, ensuring that the property is upgraded to contemporary standards. DEAS ensures that the investment and the process is satisfactory for both the owner and the tenants, and we are to happy to assist individual tenants with flat modernization.

    The right quality at the right time

    DEAS ' pioneering modernisation concept and tender material ensures that the refurbishment of flats takes place quickly and efficiently. DEAS ensures that the flat is timely and fully or partially refurbished with modern installations, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

  • Interior design of commercial leases

    DEAS has put together a team specialized in interior design of commercial leases. Our team has thorough knowledge of all the critical factors when a commercial property is to be converted or adapted to a new tenant — for example compliance with regulatory requirements, timing plans and budgets.

    Based on our clients' business and investment philosophy, DEAS thinks in creative and flexible solutions. Our interior design projects can be carried out at competitive prices with a short execution period.

  • Condition reports

    A civil engineering review provides an overall picture of the property and the most important civil engineering focus areas along with an associated financial assessment.

    Condition reports typically appeal to customers who do not have 10-year budgets of the property's operating and maintenance costs. 

    A good management tool

    When DEAS prepares condition reports, DEAS takes its point of departure in the civil engineering review. DEAS systematically goes through all building parts from cellar to roof, describes renovations, the current state of the building and any suggestions for improvements.

    A condition report is a good management tool, when drafting a budget which include a good operation and maintenance of the property. The report also contains recommendations for improvements to be carried out within a 10-year period.

  • Technical due diligence

    With the purchase or sale of a property, DEAS offers to conduct a review of the property to assess its state in relation to business value, opportunities and risks.

    We draw on our vast experience of assessing properties and their operational returns, both as short-and long-term investments.


    DEAS will draft a report where the state of the property is evaluated in comparison to standard well maintained properties of the same age and use. Along the report, a budget overview of any restorative work and future maintenance is drafted.

    DEAS also assesses the property's opportunities for development and future use. DEAS examines the regulatory conditions, including local plans and special regulatory conditions which may influence future development.

    Environmental and climate assessment

    If would you like the report to also include an environmental and climate impact assessment of the property, then DEAS will gladly take care of this. The assessment takes, among other variables, CO2 emissions into account.

  • Maintenance plans

    For ownership and cooperative housing associations, DEAS offers to draft maintenance plans.

    A maintenance plan is an effective management tool that provides an overview of a property’s future operation and maintenance costs.

    DEAS drafts a plan and budget based on budget estimates of the necessary work, e.g. when the roof is expected to be renovated, and what the cost will be.

    The maintenance plan is carried out in co-operation with the board and it typically covers 5 or 10 years. The goal is that the property must always appear well maintained, unless otherwise agreed.

    Expenses equalised

    The maintenance plan provides an opportunity to equalise expenses over a number of years, combining several maintenance tasks and thus obtaining tenders on several jobs with the potential for synergy.

    Buying and selling

    For the individual owner, flats and cooperative housing, then a professionally drawn up maintenance plan is also a good tool in a sales situation. It shows the buyer which renovations are planned for the future.


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