Operation and maintenance

Operation and maintenance is all about preserving the values of a property. We offer to organise and manage all aspects of the property's operation and maintenance, set up and follow up the property's budget and finances as well as advising in relation to the development, purchase, sale and leasing of properties.

When we organise the ongoing operation of properties, we focus on the long-term costs, ie the operation, maintenance and the development potential.

Our typical tasks:

  • Management and handling of the ongoing operation
  • The employer's responsibility, the leadership and guidance of operations personnel employed on the properties
  • Optimisation of operating costs
  • Compliance with applicable legislation and adapting to new regulatory requirements
  • Overview of the property's operating and maintenance economy
  • Short-and long-term budgets

Technical advice

We offer technical advice and building management from idea to delivery.

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Property management

We have the expertise as well as the services to handle all aspects of property management.

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