Residential letting

Every year, we ensure that more than 6,000 families can move into our customers’ properties all over Denmark.

We handle every aspect of occupation and vacation, in collaboration with internal or external agents. We do this every single day, using a clear, tried and tested process. 

DEAS uses the letting portal in the letting process. Here, tenants can find available housing, and the average vacancy length is only 12 days. therefore has a strong position in the market, just as time-to-market is reduced significantly, since the portal is integrated into our workflows.

DEAS also handles waiting-list administration via, ensuring efficient management of the letting process and good service to both those entitled to benefits and to tenants in the free market.

First-time letting

Based on DEAS’ extensive experience, we are always dedicated to the goal of full occupancy when a property is put into operation, to avoid any loss of rental income. We are involved in the process at an early stage, and based on our experience from letting, construction and the rental market, we know what it takes to achieve the goals on time.

Based on our longstanding property administration experience, we ensure that tenants make a good start in their new homes.


Professional expertise and sales skills are essential to ensure effective re-letting and minimum vacancy periods. DEAS has two housing consultants who can present homes that require extra focus on service and professional insight. They can answer potential tenants’ many detailed questions, thereby ensuring a streamlined process.

The housing consultants have sales experience from the real estate industry, with special focus on building up a good customer relationship and identifying the needs of potential tenants. The consultants are also flexible in terms of viewing times and organising open-house events.


Kim Krabbe

Senior Director
Residential Letting
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Jacobsens Have was entirely rented out ahead of occupancy.

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