First-time letting

With more than 10 years of experience in letting of residential project builds and 1,400 first-time lettings on a yearly basis we ensure minimum vacancy periods and the best start for tenants in their new homes.

At DEAS we know that first-time letting is a unique discipline. Thus, our team of housing consultants are fully focused on ensuring a minimum of vacancy, high occupancy rates and a rent in line with the market. Our many years of experience within letting, construction, the rental market and property management entails that our customers entrust their first-time lettings to us.

We are specialised in first-time letting

We know there is a difference between the selling and letting of housing. Therefore, our team of housing consultants are fully aimed at and specialized in lettings. We have an eye for the demand and insight into the latest trends. This makes us capable of being the best possible advisor for both house-hunters, tenants and landlords throughout the letting process.

As a nationwide full service property house we have the competencies to be part of the whole process from the construction of the property to the lettings of all leases as well as the re-lettings later on. We work closely together with numerous suppliers and have strong relations throughout the contractor and construction industry to make sure that we provide the best possible solutions. Always with the goal of complete letting at the commissioning. This makes us a professional and trustworthy partner for both property investors and tenants.

Our services include

  • Establish and manage interest lists
  • Organise open-house events at any day during the week (incl. weekends)
  • Individual and virtual showings
  • Advise and present proposals for optimising the building project, floor plan, tenant segmentation, interior design of sample apartments, rent fixing etc.
  • Produce and execute marketing plans and budgets
  • Complimentary connection between your individual new-construction property website and
  • Complimentary advertising on DEAS’ social media, current portals and
  • Daily alignment with construction managers, architects and web suppliers
  • Complimentary preparation and handling of leases in compliance with Danish law
  • Collect signatures and payment for deposit and prepaid rent


Kim Krabbe

Senior Director
Residential Letting
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Caroline Bang

Senior Team Manager
Residential Letting - Project Letting
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