Facility Services

As a customer of DEAS, you are ensured an efficient and service-oriented operation, and it is our experience that professional property management services lead to operational savings and satisfied residents and users.

We have thorough knowledge of property operation and we find the right solutions for all types of properties. Our contracts are based on a service level agreement which ensures that our customers are given the services agreed upon.

Our caretakers, janitors, gardeners, receptionists, canteen employees and other personnel carry out their work according to a precise service level agreement, which carefully describes the scope and quality of the work we provide.

DEAS is a member of the Service Industry's Employers' Association, and we meet the service norms in regard to, among other things, training of personnel, environmental considerations, updated service certificates, etc.

Visibility provides security

When we take care of your property, we are visible in the surroundings by, among other things, wearing our uniforms. Our visibility provides assurance that there is a handle on things, and it sends a clear signal about service, safety, professionalism, problem solving and authority.

Our experience shows that it is beneficial to you as a customer, and to residents and users of the property.

Available 24/7

Our nationwide customer service centre serves residents and tenants. 

Outside opening hours, callers will be redirected to our emergency 24-hour service, so help is always available for acute situations.

Click to read our leaflet which explains our concept (in Danish).

DEAS is a member of the Federation of Service Contractors (SBA).

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