DEAS Property Insight

Our DEAS Property Insight customer portal gives our customers digital access to data and reporting concerning the property portfolio.

DEAS Property Insight contains enriched data at both portfolio and property level, and the customer portal is available around the clock, using either NemID or a personal DEAS log-in.
DEAS Property Insight is naturally available on PC, tablet and smartphone.

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- and take a peep at the customer portal and all of its benefits (in Danish).

Features in DEAS Property Insight:

  • Overview
    View the property portfolio's key figures and get a quick performance status, with a breakdown on vacancies, returns and market value. 
  • Reports at portfolio and property level
    Study the current reports and data for the portfolio in greater detail. Full insight into and knowledge of results and potential are ensured with comments and assessments from our employees.
    Go into detail for each property, check its performance, and read our assessment of the results.
  • Archives
    Get an overview of the development in the portfolio. Historical reports for the property and the portfolio can be found in the archives.
    All data can be exported for further use. 
  • Contact persons
    Find the right DEAS employee easily and quickly, if you have any questions or comments.

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