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Development of shopping centres

DEAS offers a full range of consultancy services, including concept development for all types of centres.

When developing shopping centres, it is important to create a strong and visible profile, where the concept is adapted to the relevant market area. A defined concept development helps differentiate the centre and create an attractive shopping destination for customers.

The right mix of stores

What is key to a healthy and inspiring shopping centre is the right tenants and the right mix of stores. DEAS ensures that the tenant mix is continuously optimised and that the centre has a diverse product range, which suits the current market area. In addition, DEAS tries to create an environment in which the individual customer gets the urge to shop and remain in the centre.

DEAS fetches inspiration from the rest of the world, and DEAS continuously follows the trends and tendencies within center management, and picks those that DEAS believes can be successful in the Danish market.


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Managing Director
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Development and management tailored to the individual shopping center.

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DEAS manages some of the largest shopping centres in Denmark alongside a vast amount of independent retail spaces across Denmark.

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