Our screening method documents the results when a property’s outdoor areas and operations are restructured to focus more heavily on biodiversity.

Denmark has increasingly less space available for nature and biodiversity. The many outdoor areas surrounding properties can help make a difference.

As a result DEAS has established its own biodiversity index to measure the effect of projects that promote biodiversity. When investments are made in the restructuring and operation of a property’s outdoor areas to take plant and animal life more into account, the index makes the results tangible.

The index measures the state of biodiversity

The index records, for example the types of nature and plant species in outdoor areas, including their condition, quality and value. Based on these measurements the outdoor area is assigned a specific score that documents improvements, also over time.

Tangible measurements assess the quality of green areas before and after changes are undertaken and clearly show how investing in these areas has made a real difference.

There are multiple ways of consciously working with plants to create added value in terms of various parameters. We have the opportunity to create outdoor areas on residential and commercial properties that help increase biodiversity while enhancing what people experience and improving social sustainability. Many residents wish to see, for example, more community gardens and other green initiatives,

says Helle Hangaard, Senior Manager, Sustainability – Certification & Outdoor.

Operations make a dramatic difference

After an area has undergone a green conversion our team annually or biannually records how plant life and insects have developed. Operations play a crucial role in this regard.

When creating projects we focus on writing detailed operation programmes for each property that support the planned goals and activities. Operations staff are also introduced to how to look after outdoor areas to allow them to develop in the right direction.

Expert biodiversity team

DEAS has a special responsibility because the surrounding outdoor areas of the many residential and commercial properties that we manage represent an excellent opportunity to make a decisive difference in terms of biodiversity. As part of our Sustainability Department, headed by landscape architect Helle Hangaard, a dedicated team works to increase biodiversity and provide a better setup for communities and the surrounding outdoor areas.

The team provides advice on, for instance landscape projects, improving the diversity of the flora and fauna, climate adaptation and infrastructure to improve the overall sustainable footprint. Led by Hangaard the team developed our screening method, which assigns a specific, tangible number to the level of biodiversity on individual properties and surrounding area.



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