Cooperation with investors

As an asset manager, we create value through investments. We apply a tried and tested process that is matched to your individual property or portfolio.

  • Phase 1: Sourcing

    • Via proactive screening and existing networks, relevant investment properties are identified
    • Analyse and verify a business plan for investment, based on actual references and market knowledge
    • Identify hidden potential: building rights, conversion, new site plans, etc.
    • Advice on optimum transaction structure
    • Perform and administrate full due diligence
    • Provide and present a comprehensive report with an overview of business plan, and commercial, technical and legal due diligence
    • Investment is performed with satisfactory due diligence and approval from the investor, and possibly the investment committee.
  • Phase 2: Business plan

    • A business plan is prepared on the basis of the purchase strategy
    • Setting up KPIs
    • Depending on the needs and wishes of the customer, the operational strategy and set-up are determined, including asset manager responsible, reporting needs and possible management of development and letting
    • Action plan and timeline for the first 100 days
    • Plan for development and ongoing reporting
  • Phase 3: Business plan execution

    • Optimisation of the property
    • Letting of vacant areas
    • Leveraging of potential rental reserves
    • Risk mitigation in relation to existing tenants; irrevocability and additional returns
    • Development: new site plan, conversion, extension or new construction
  • Phase 4: Exit strategy

    • Preparation for sale, including full and complete structure for the property’s documents
    • Support for broker selection
    • Support for questions from potential buyers in connection with their due diligence
    • Final sale of property or SPV



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