Udsigten Margretheholmen

Udsigten at Margretheholmen is located in Copenhagen S and is owned by PKA and Topdanmark. The property was built in 2015 and consists of 456 condos and a parking garage, distributed over a total area of 45,228 sq.m. Udsigten is an eight-storey building with shared facilities. Udsigten’s façades are a combination of brick and concrete elements with large balconies, most of which offer an excellent view of the Copenhagen skyline.

PKA and Topdanmark


PKA and Topdanmark invested in Udsigten as a turnkey project and required building consultancy. Prior to contract conclusion with the seller, DEAS was brought in to review the project material. DEAS has handled several major building consultancy assignments for PKA in the last 10 years.


Building consultancy Commissioning Property management

DEAS was in charge of investigating the project and came up with proposals for amendments in which there was an emphasis on optimisation of architecture, interior design and choice of materials with a strong focus on future operating costs in order to meet the client’s requirements and needs. 

Our foremost task in the design stage was to ensure that what was agreed in the contract was also included in the completed detail design for the building. During the construction stage, DEAS was tasked with supervising construction on the building site from start to finish to ensure that the approved detail design was followed throughout the construction. In addition, DEAS was tasked with acting with the developer's authorisation when changes needed to be approved. When construction was finished, DEAS carried out the planned deficiency review so that all the shortcomings were rectified before the unit was taken over by the owner and the renter.  

In addition to building consultancy, DEAS is responsible for the management and operation of the property.


With DEAS as technical advisor, we have provided PKA and Topdanmark with LLC-optimised solutions.


Per Thomassen

Senior Director
Technical Building Consultancy
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