Udsigten is owned by PKA. The property was built in 2012 and is situated on top of a cliff overlooking almost all of Aarhus. Udsigten consists of 74 rental units distributed across 6,400 sq.m.



PKA purchased the property as a turnkey project and wanted building consultancy services in relation to the technical solutions and a safe commissioning of the building. 


PKA wanted to ensure that the chosen solutions was optimized the operation in every way. In addition, PKA wanted DEAS to perform technical supervision during construction and also participate in the deficiency review so that tenants could take over problem-free rental accommodation.


Building consultancy Commissioning Technical purchasing advice

With DEAS assigned as technical purchasing advisor, all technical services are performed by DEAS. This provides excellent value, since knowledge often gets lost in the transfer from the external contractor-consultant to day-to-day operation. With DEAS as end-to-end consultant, the client is assured that he, for example, is not responsible for warranty repairs and that any deficiencies with the tenant’s unit are taken care of quickly and accurately.

Typically for such cases, DEAS performs building consultancy until the five-year review is completed, thus handling any deficiencies on an ongoing basis.


PKA obtained end-to-end consulting services and secure commissioning with effective solutions and minimised costs. When DEAS performs consulting, commissioning and subsequent management and operation, the client obtains a unique service in which all facets are planned together. 


Per Thomassen

Senior Director
Technical Building Consultancy
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